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Looking Past Headlines

July 26, 2017

We regularly make the point not to make financial decisions based on politics. Often political headlines do not dictate the direction of the market, as stocks are much more tied to economics than politics.

A case in point is the return of Mexican stocks in 2017. The Mexican peso is one of the best returning currencies this year versus the dollar, up nearly 15% versus the dollar. The currency strength plus a strong Mexican stock market means that U.S. investors holding Mexican stocks have seen shares rise over 30% so far this year.

An investor just making decisions based on political headlines might have steered clear of Mexico earlier this year. But a strong Mexican job market, a drop in trade fears and the rise in the currency has pushed up the value considerably of many Mexican companies. Its a good reminder that jumping to portfolio conclusions based on what is most prominent in the news can be a poor investment strategy.

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